Lucius took their "BFF 4 LYFE" pledge a little too seriously

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Lucius open for The Spring Standards at Mercury Lounge. It always pays to come early and check out the opening acts, and we got dividends with this one. Lucius is fronted by college friends Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, a soft harmonic duo living in Brooklyn. Their 2009 album Songs from the Bromley House is a successful experiment in songwriting and Brooklyn-style folk pop, covering a range of emotional themes.

The X factor that sets acts like this apart are their ability to maintain stage presence with such delicate, velvety material. The crowd was left mesmerized and silent as Lucius did their thing. The album has the same quality, the ability to put the listener at ease and keep the stereo on repeat.

Today’s Music Monday selection from the album is “Before You Go,” one of the poppier offerings on Songs From the Bromley House and my personal fave. Give it a listen, download and get the rest on Bandcamp.

[Download] Lucius – “Before You Go”

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