Apparently huge Elliot Smith fans

Somewhere during my high school journey, the magic had faded from what was once golden music (at least to us at the time). By then the novelty of bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New faded away. It was time for something new. After getting into The Smiths a whole new world of music opened for me, and Pretty Girls Make Graves was one of the first bands that took me to the next level.

“The New Romance” was a natural stepping stone for those blazing the trail from post-hardcore and emo into the new world of plaid shirts and neck scarves in the summer. Featuring pretty basic rock ethos, PGMG had that crazy dissonance that distanced itself from what might have otherwise been standard fare for the time. We’re not talking about revolutionary stuff, but at least it was a step ahead.

Pretty Girls Make Graves – “All Medicated Geniuses”