He's obviously been thinking about you

[UPDATE – This won’t be on Ocean’s upcoming LP, but was written by Ocean and recorded as a reference track for singer Bridget Kelly. Listen to her version here. (I kinda like it better)]


Frank Ocean… honestly what else can you say about this guy? He blew the R&B scene away this year with the incredible Nostalgia mixtape, taking the music industry by storm and finally getting recognition from the big dogs. And all it took was a very odd partnership with (wait for it…) Odd Future. Now that Island Def Jam finally gives a shit about his music, a full length debut is on the way – though according to Ocean’s Tumblr page it’s been pushed back.

At the very least, we’ve got a new track that may or may not be featured on the upcoming album to tide us over for the time being. “Thinking About You” is minimalist Ocean, with a soft ambient beat backing his nostalgic yearning for a lady in his past. It’s… for lack of a better word, very cute. Though something tells me Ocean doesn’t have to worry about getting ahold of said lady the next time he rolls into town.

Frank Ocean – “Thinking About You”