The "I Heart Huckabees" parallels are astounding

“Somebody that I used to know” is already a strong contender for song of the year. A duet between Australian singer-songwriter Gotye and New Zealand-born Kimbra, it’s the second single off the highly anticipated Making Mirrors, due out in August. Kimbra, who already made a buzz with her single “Settle Down” earlier this year (also with an album due out at the same time), is a perfectly chosen collaborator for this song, matching Gotye’s stinging despondence note for note.

“Somebody that I used to know” tells the haunting story of a broken relationship and the gut-wrenching aftermath that can accompany it as two people seek to repair their lives. It’s not a longing for love lost, but the hurt of knowing it will never be acknowledged. Kimbra’s response puts the story into context as the tale of a no-blame destruction of hearts. Disregard the charming instrumentals of the track, this isn’t something you listen to passively on the first time around – though a memorable, epic chorus will keep it in your head for days and stirring in your heart for longer.

Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) by Gotye