Legendary Weapons

I’d like to preface this post by stating the obvious – The Wu-Tang Clan has absolutely nothing to prove. They revolutionized hip-hop and have remained solid in the rap game for years. Since their emergence, no one has been able to match or outdo their signature rugged and raw style. Like the title of their latest album, Legendary Weapons, the Wu-Tang legacy is truly etched in stone.

That said, it’s beginning to feel like my youth is crumbling around me. Recent efforts from childhood favorites Incubus and Blink-182 have fallen flat on their faces in spectacular fashion, and regretfully I couldn’t really get my hopes up for the new Wu-Tang album either. To their credit, Legendary Weapons is not a bad album. But it’s not exactly great either. The Wu-Tang haven’t lost their lyrical edge, but they’ve seemingly lost their ability to come out with memorable, classic tracks.


Beautifully fucking illustrated

Brooklyn soul band The Revelations once again take over production responsibilities from RZA and does not disappoint in the beat department, staying true to the classic horn-heavy retro vibe of the Clan. GZA and Masta Killa are noticeably absent from Legendary Weapons, but another full length is due next year that will bring them together. There are sparks of life in this release that show promise, and they’re only one “Gravel Pit” away from total resurgence. But that’s probably just me being hopeful.

Wu-Tang Clan – “Legendary Weapons (Ghostface Killah, AZ and M.O.P)”

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