Ominous, innit?

The old marketing trick of holding up the velvet rope only works so long as what is waiting on the other end is actually worth it. Well, when the product is a new electro-pop duo out of New York that sounds like this, I’d say it was legitimately employed. Very little is known about Ms Mr other than releases like this don’t come along too often and whoever “she” is, has an incredible voice. She’s drawn comparison to several vocalists, but Florence Welch is easily the most fitting. You can hear the cosmic, otherwordly peaks that are so defining of Welch’s style in most tracks off Ms Mr’s debut EP, Ghost City USA. Not that they’re trying to encroach on that territory, but you could almost categorize it as “The Knife meets Florence & The Machine.”

Ooooh, now doesn’t that sound appetizing? Posted below are two of four tracks off Ghost City USA, which you can download on Bandcamp for free. They’re an ample offering to tide us over until Ms Mr begins touring sometime this year, with a full length album reportedly in the works. I wonder what will happen when the veil is finally lifted. If Flo wasn’t releasing a new album of her own soon I’d even deign to suggest she went all Jenny Lewis on us and found herself a new music buddy.

Ms Mr – Bones

Ms Mr – Time of My Life (Cover)