Photographed seconds after finding out they made it onto Electric Panda Music

Today’s post has me a little excited because I’m having one of those “oh man, I got to hear these guys first” moments as a blogger. They aren’t my usual cup of tea, but one listen to Brooklyn‘s own My Pet Dragon and the potential for mainstream success just screams out – without the typical side effect of being shallow and flat. Somehow they’ve taken musical influences like Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead, added the obligatory Indian spiritual journey and churned out a product that sounds like a cross between Kings of Leon and Family of the Year.

They’re set to release a full-length, Mountains and Cities, tomorrow and I can tell you it’s one to pick up. My Pet Dragon delivers a consistent, enjoyable sound over the course of the album without ever having to dip from the well twice and come off repetitive. The first single off Mountains and Cities, “Majestic Lovers,” almost feels like a U2 track (you know, the kind that don’t suck). If all you listen to is obscure indie rock, this might not be your thing, but if you remember a time when rock music on the radio was GOOD – My Pet Dragon is your band.

My Pet Dragon – “Majestic Lovers”

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Catch My Pet Dragon’s lauded live show this Friday, August 5th at Mercury Lounge for their record release party.