Always less than one degree away from Juicy J

These days there’s a lot of unnecessary swag talk. Swaggin’ out, puttin’ swag on. What happened to being cool? How cool? ICE COLD.

California’s freshest white rappers The Freshmen explore the classic notion of cool in “The Fonz,” where they argue that it’s not something you wear, it’s just something that you are. It’s tough to take issue with these guys when they’re consistently staying cold as ice in spite of their goofy selves. This ain’t frat rap, homeboy. In a world where Machine Gun Kelly has to put two black guys next to him in every music video to prove his street cred, The Freshmen just do their thing, without having to proclaim they don’t care what the “haters” say. Because doing just that proves that you do, and they certainly do not.

The Freshmen stand out because there’s no gimmick here. No market targeting, nothing to prove, no bullshit. Just some dudes with a lot of talent having a whole lot of fun. That kind of spirit is lacking in the music industry and is many times the recipe for a timeless classic. Kristo and A. Wolf dance around the beat like breakdancers; these guys are the anthropomorphization of a good time.

The Freshmen – “The Fonz”

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