You're from Minnesota, we get it

Have to be honest and admit I’m totally cheating with this one, but last summer’s “An Enormous Anger Grows in Brooklyn” was one of the best tracks of the season and well… this blog didn’t even exist last summer. Better late than never and thus I present to you, The Record Summer. The ever-evolving cast of band members revolves around frontman Bret Rodysill, who (despite looking like an Aryan Cristiano Ronaldo) has been crafting some delicately beautiful indie pop songs over the last couple of years. There are some new tracks up on his MySpace page that aren’t half bad at all, but nothing thus far eclipses his summer masterpiece.

While summer is pretty much on its way out, there’s nothing like some perfect tunes and continued high temperatures to keep us hanging on to every last thread. And with this last week of terrifying earthquakes and the ferocious Hurricane Irene, it has been a Record Summer indeed. If you’re picking up what this guy is putting down, you can catch them at The Living Room in LES this Saturday at 8pm. While you’re at it, go ahead and “Like” their Facebook page. It’s the least you owe for what you’re about to hear.

The Record Summer – “An Enormous Anger Grows in Brooklyn”

Buy their album Race to the Bottom off the Catlick Records website