Apparently she does, in fact, kiss her mother with that mouth

Azealia Banks might be the return of the independent, strong female rapper – harkening back to the glory days of Missy Elliot. A multi-talented performer out of New York City, Banks has been building a name for herself this year around her breakout single “212.” That alone puts a song into contention for posting on EPM, but she knocks it out of the park with an incessant Diplo-esque beat and a snarly, sarcastic flow.

Though the majority of the song is pretty filthy, Banks isn’t a cheap Lil’ Kim knockoff. She’s cute, for sure, but not presenting herself as a sex symbol. The real question is can she keep up the bar raised by 212? There are a few other tracks on her SoundCloud page that don’t quite approach it. Still though, 212 is the hot fire and she recently signed to a major record label so expect some more excellent backing with producers. Big ups to New York City!

212 by Azealia Banks