Modern troubadours

We’ve covered them before, and now Chicago’s Paper Thick Walls are gracing New York City with a set of live shows this weekend. They’ll be playing Spike Hill on Saturday, December 10th and Pianos on Sunday, December 11th. They should be an awesome live band to check out, boasting a wide array of instruments and engaging personalities (as evidenced by the video posted below).

Paper Thick Walls look beyond the traditional conventions of indie pop, putting on the layers and never once sounding, well… to put it one way – too “hipstery.” You know what I mean. “Old Weathered Wooden Dock” is a new favorite of mine, with cute chimes, soft vocalization and pleasant Winter-esque textures.

Hope to see you at the show!

Old Weathered Wooden Dock by paperthickwalls

Paper Thick Walls – Liar’s Lawyer : Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo.