Shawn Christopher doing his best Childish Gambino impersonation

Inglewood’s own Shawn Chrystopher has been building his profile for the last few years as one of the West Coast’s more promising talents. Not a YouTube phenom, Chrystopher has built a great collection of solid records to support his bid for stardom. He’s faced criticism for not having a stronger individual identity, but I think there’s a lot of strength in his ability to switch gears and tackle different styles.

“One Of My Homies” is the first single off his fourth album, My Name Is Shawn, due out in July. The record finds Chrystopher fully embracing his South Central roots with a fat 90s drum beat and funk nasty synth smoothing out the chorus. He doesn’t have the voice of his old guard counterparts, but his new school delivery fits in seamlessly with the old school beats like a rising sun on the Los Angeles horizon.

Shawn Chrystopher – “One Of My Homies”