Chill bros

There are a lot of battles we face in life, none more so than the war against complacency – an inherently never-ending fight for those just weird enough to appreciate its importance. Music is obviously an important battlefield in this war, and lately I’ve worried that my pursuits have become too siloed. Thus, I’m trying to leave my comfort zone and try out some new selections that aren’t as easy as say, new Ellie Goulding.

And while “Grande Comore” by Southern Shores may not be avant garde or jarring on any level (quite the opposite), it still satisfies that primal urge to ponder something fresh. Mostly instrumental, “Grand Comore” is a perfect soundtrack match for the Indian summer that’s just starting in San Francisco. Or a perfect match for a Sonic The Hedgehog level if you want to be a huge nerd about it. The track comes from experimental pop label Cascine Records’ recently released Cascine Standouts 2010-2012, which you can stream on Soundcloud.

Southern Shores – Grande Comore by CASCINE