“This is bullshit”

To be completely honest, I had given up Electric Panda Music for dead when I stopped being able to use the backend properly earlier this year. I work in video games and we just barely launched Watch Dogs 2 (woo hoo!), and that sort of took over. But for any of you that might still come back here (why?)I’ll be back doing my thing except:


“Electric Panda Music” is too long, it’s outdated as fuck, everything needs to be redone, and fuck it I’m just starting over. The new website is called Honestly Gold and I’m hoping to have things finished by the end of the year. I’ll be attempting to migrate all of the content over so nothing is lost. The new website will include a larger focus on music videos (you can see my attempt at a video carousel already), and I may start doing a weekly podcast. But talk is cheap and action is everything so I’m going to get back to work.