A few years ago I heard this track on SoundCloud that I still think is one of the most chilling, impressive things I’ve ever heard. Thomas White did a ghostly trap remix of a classic American folksong, and especially in the middle of the Flosstradamus/Baauer heavy trap era it was some serious next-level shit. After moving to Montreal, I had the chance luck of becoming friends with Messeur White, and I’m constantly impressed by his talent and creativity whether it be filthy mother fuckin’ DJ sets or his reflective 4am mood productions.

The track I have the privilege of sharing today falls in the latter category. “Shiver” takes an already somber acoustic track and transports it into an ethereal realm with rainstorm effects and the most understated yet wildly powerful drum beats. Like hearing his version of “St. James Infirmary,” it’s the type of song where you don’t want to listen to anything else after. Maybe just sit for a minute and reflect on your life. It’s a one-off, but we’re promised lots of new music soon so be sure to stay tuned to his page.