Now that “mumble rap” has hit peak bullshit with the ascension of vapid youth market stars like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert (holy shit guys you’re even copying each other’s adjectives?), it’s time for the youth to fight back. Originality and surprise have always been keystones of hip hop, and self-described “All-American Boy Band” BROCKHAMPTON are stepping up to fill the void. They’re a collection of rappers, singers and producers from around the world, lead by Texan native Kevin Abstract. They’ve already got one album under their belt (the fantastic American Boyband: A Suburban Love Story, released last year), with a new one, Saturation, releasing tomorrow. Their story is even being chronicled on a Viceland show called American Boyband. You can find an amazing collection of homemade music videos on their YouTube account, but for now enjoy this gem from Saturation and marvel at the wildness of the video for “Star.” They could very easily be the next incarnation of OFWGKTA, fucking up the whole game in the best way. Trash rappers watch out.