Another f***ing music blog?

Honestly Gold is a personal project with the intention of sharing music and videos that I think you're going to love. Music blogs are dying, and being replaced by vloggers and mixtape tumblrs, but I like to write, and if even one person falls in love with something they discover on this blog then it's a success to me. You'll find plenty of electronic music here, but many other genres too. While Honestly Gold attempts to live on the pulse of the evolving musical zeitgeist, I'm not above sharing rediscovered classics or things that are "new to me." I mine for gold so you don't have to.

Another f***ing music blogger?

Chase Straight
Trap God
Chase works in the video game industry by day at Ubisoft Montreal as a Community Developer for Watch Dogs 2. By night, he spends too much time looking for new music and spending too much money on records and concert tickets.